Moore recieves football scholarship from Air Force Academy

Joins friend, former teammate Remsberg


Receiving scholarships is an accomplishment for anyone, academically or athletically. Division one athletic programs are some of the hardest programs to be accepted into and having two students from the same high school attend a division one, collegiate program together is a rare occasion.

On May 4, recent graduate Landon Moore received the opportunity to play for the Air Force Academy football team, but had to revise his future plans in order to make this big change.

“I was going to go to a prep school in California and take a year off. That was a semester long school, then the next spring I planned to go to a college in Kansas,” Moore said. “The prep school was to prepare me for reapplying to the Academy. I had already been accepted to the prep school and we had to call and tell them that I had a change of plans.”

Before the consideration of an athletic scholarship, Moore has always had an idea of going into a military academy. This is because of the influence of his older brother, who has also attended the Air Force Academy.

“I would say it has greatly impacted my decision since that is where I got the idea and goal from. That is what has influenced me the most,” Moore said.

Moore and recent graduate Kade Remsberg have played football alongside each other for ten years. As they are friends as well as teammates, Moore and Remsberg have a chemistry different from most friends. According to former assistant football coach Tony Hein, being social together isn’t what they focus on, but how they are committed to the game. With that sense of competition, Hein believes that gives them a different way they see their opponent.

“The way that they interact with other competitors, they are generally well respected guys by everyone we compete with, so that makes them stand out,” Hein said.

With Remsberg having a good feeling about having a familiar face around, experiencing the same things he is, Moore believes that they will stay as close friends as they were in high school.

“I think so probably. What will most likely happen is we will probably only see at football practice, but when we do see each other at practice we will be with each other most of the practice, simply because it is quarterbacks and running backs so I will be handing him off the ball a lot,” Moore said.
Moore and Remsberg will be arriving at the academy on June 29 to begin training.

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