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Eicheschule (German High School)

World from a flipped perspective

Emelia Mosqueda, Reporter November 13, 2023

Newton High School has gained a lot of students from different countries coming to attend American high school. Some of these students are here for a full year, while others are exclusively from Germany...

Kioski poses for his song cover No Introduction

Kenny Kioski explores his rap career

Nery Sanchez, Social Media Manager November 13, 2023

In the world of music, it's very hard not to find a genre that fits someone’s style. Junior Kenny Kioski found his true calling in rap music. From working in a tabloid to becoming a rap lord, Kioski...

Students compare high school on TV vs in real life

Students compare high school on TV vs in real life

Addie Clayton, Print Production Editor November 10, 2023

High school definitely isn’t randomly breaking out into song and dance. Most students grow up watching TV shows and movies that portray high school this way such as High School Musical and Victorious....

Students combat the hard days high school provides

Students combat the hard days high school provides

Mia Malcolm, Reporter November 10, 2023

High school is something that all people experience. However, I think that adults forget how high school feels at the moment. We learn all we can at the high school level, but sometimes it feels like we...

2023 Board of Education election candidates

2023 Board of Education election candidates

Annika Yoder, Online Editor November 8, 2023

Michael Crist: No Response   Sara Getchell: 1. What motivated you to run for a USD 373 BOE spot? “My 8-year-old daughter was a big inspiration and encouraged me to run. I’d been attending...

NHS parents support their kids athletic activities

NHS parents support their kids’ athletic activities

Mateya McCord, Design Coordinator November 6, 2023

Newton High School parents support their children in their athletic activities and hobbies by being in the crowd cheering their kids on or helping plan events for their kid's teams. Senior Violet Bartley...

Football team impacted by senior injuries

Football team impacted by senior injuries

Annika Yoder, Online Editor November 6, 2023

Every Friday night, students and local Newtonians gather to watch the Newton Railer football team take on local opponents. However, due to the risky nature of the contact sport, injuries arise that impact...

Athletic trainer, Katrina Steiner and her student athletic trainers. From left senior Evelyn Gaertner, athletic trainer Katrina Steiner, freshman Leah Weldon, junior Cadalina Blasi, senior Brooklynn Black, freshman Katie Schmidt.

The growing athletic training program at NHS

Taylor Rose, Reporter November 6, 2023

For all kids in high school, secondary goals are something that is often considered all the time. A few kids from Newton High School have goals of someday pursuing a career in the medical field and are...

Freshman Naomi Koontzs success in golf

Freshman Naomi Koontz’s success in golf

Regan Hirsh, Ad Manager November 6, 2023

Early season success has brought much attention to freshman golfer Naomi Koontz. 10 years of dedication and hard work has prepared Naomi for her high school career. Naomi started playing golf at the age...

Students rank school lunches

Students rank school lunches

Anna Lakey, Reporter November 6, 2023

Students need to eat, it’s part of their daily routine. However, not everyone will eat a school lunch. According to The New York Times, school lunches must be low in fat, calories and sodium. These lunches...

Is being a senior too expensive?

Is being a senior too expensive?

Nadiya Avendano, Reporter November 6, 2023

Think about being a senior and how expensive it is. It seems like it wouldn’t cost more than any other year, but that is just a common misconception. Senior year comes with many expenses and responsibilities. Thomas...

Hope Ewy thrifted her entire outfit

NHS shares thoughts on thrifting

Olivia Buffalo, Reporter November 6, 2023

Most people know of some thrift stores here in town. Yet, some don’t know what they are like. When taking a look into a thrift store most just see clothes and other used items. But what about trying...

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