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When comparing their personality traits, are these NHS students similar to their birthday celebrities?

Students reflect on famous birthday twins

Nadiya Avendano, Reporter April 11, 2024

Although there aren’t famous students at Newton High School, there are many students who share birthdays with celebrities. After discovering their birthday twins, students began to wonder if they were...

Senior Berkley Roberson and junior Rileigh Hankins

NHS upperclassmen share opinions on prom expenses

Emelia Mosqueda, Reporter April 9, 2024

Students at Newton High School are spending large amounts of money on dresses for the 2024 prom. Many students bought their dresses at Occasions, a dress store in Wichita with many high-end prom dress...

NHS students share spring break travel experiences

NHS students share spring break travel experiences

Mateya McCord, Design Coordinator March 28, 2024

Over spring break, many Newton High School students went on fun travels out of state or even out of the country. For seniors, spring break can be a good time to go on a senior trip or just take a fun family...

NHS students share their phobias and fears

NHS students share their phobias and fears

Emelia Mosqueda, Reporter March 28, 2024

Phobias are fears a person has, an unpleasant feeling that occurs after dealing with something a person finds frightening. Phobias can be triggered by multiple scenarios, such as seeing, feeling, smelling...

Junior Mariah Ramos 10-year-old sister does her extensive skincare and makeup routine.

Middle school girls overtake Sephora

Lindsay Schepmann, Reporter February 14, 2024

Judging by the surge in cosmetic usage pre-teen girls are not being kids anymore and are skipping the pre-teen stage of life. Recently on social media, there has been talk about a new group of girls known...

2024 Horoscopes

2024 Horoscopes

Mia Malcolm, Reporter February 9, 2024

From the cosmos to our beings, according to West Texas A&M University, astrology suggests that astronomical patterns have an impact on a person’s way of acting, events and compatibility with others. It...

I love Red Bull because it gives me wings. -Junior Adah Hodge

Caffeine addictions within NHS

Regan Hirsh, Ad Manager January 8, 2024

To get through the seven-hour school day, some Newton High School students drink caffeinated beverages every day. There is a variety of options that students can choose from to intake caffeine, the most...

NHS students give examples on girl math

NHS students give examples on “girl math”

Emelia Mosqueda, Reporter January 8, 2024

In the year 2023, “girl math” has become a trend on social media, as it expands the way girls think about the spending process. According to CBS News, “girl math” is a new personal finance TikTok...

Christmas Tree Showdown: Real vs. Fake Trees

Christmas Tree Showdown: Real vs. Fake Trees

Olivia Buffalo, Reporter January 8, 2024

The Christmas tree plays a big part in Christmas magic, but the ongoing debate is whether a real or an artificial tree is more magical. While real Christmas trees are more convenient, the family tradition...

Magic of the Elves: NHS Elf on the Shelf Hall of Fame

Magic of the Elves: NHS Elf on the Shelf Hall of Fame

Nadiya Avendano, Reporter January 8, 2024

Every family has their own unique Christmas traditions, however, over the years the Elf on the Shelf has become a very popular tradition in American households. It has been seen on many social media platforms...

Nadiya and her brother, Jaden Avendano shopping for Christmas decorations at Walmart.

Holiday Rush: Students share Christmas shopping traditions

Nadiya Avendano, Reporter December 18, 2023

During the holiday season, stores rush with people Christmas shopping. Out of 265 students who answered a survey, 81.1% of them go Christmas shopping. During the holiday season, there are many discounts...

2023 holiday gift guide for teenagers

2023 holiday gift guide for teenagers

Annika Yoder, Online Editor December 18, 2023

In a survey sent out to the Newton High School student body, students shared both what they wanted this year for Christmas and what they anticipate the most popular gifts for teenagers to be this year....

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