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Artists release hit albums

Artists release hit albums

Addie Clayton, Reporter September 21, 2021

Almost every high schooler listens to music so it is no surprise that the students at NHS are already eagerly listening to new music that has just been released. In the past couple of months, multiple...

Homecoming Advice

Homecoming Advice

Elly Green, Print Production Manager September 21, 2021

Crystals rise in popularity with influence from social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Crystals become popular through social media

Caileane Thurston, Reporter September 17, 2021

Throughout this past year, an increase of crystal use has flooded social media platforms. In many cases, crystals are thought to aid physical, emotional and spiritual healing when held or placed on the...

How reliable is E-Hall pass?

How reliable is E-Hall pass?

Addie Clayton, Reporter September 14, 2021

While many schools still use paper or other handheld passes for students to use when they leave the classroom, NHS has shifted to an online pass system in the last couple of years. Students at NHS must...

Students discuss impact of PDA in school environment

Students discuss impact of PDA in school environment

Eris Rindt, Reporter September 14, 2021

With the start of each school year, students are reminded of various protocols and rules in order for the year to flow smoothly. Students have multiple conversations with their teachers over late work...

New tradition set in motion

New tradition set in motion

Lucy Buller, Reporter September 9, 2021

On Friday, Aug. 20, a new tradition was started during lunchtime at NHS. Instead of students eating and leaving like usual, the hallways were filled with games and activities. Staff, as well as the NHS...

Students debate success of popular media hits

Students debate success of popular media hits

Annika Yoder, Reporter September 2, 2021

The summer of 2021 brought teens a variety of hit TV shows and movies. While some enjoyed the popular teen dramas, with the release of the new season of Outer Banks, others loved the action and adventure...

Senior Kaden Anderson and junior Simon Koontz play spike ball with their counselors during interest group time at camp Mennoscah.

Summer camps resume for 2021 season

Simon Hodge, Reporter August 25, 2021

Each summer students must figure out how they wish to spend their summer vacation. While some choose to participate in activities such as school sports, or obtain summer jobs such as lifeguarding, others...

Class of 22 hosts senior sunrise

Class of ’22 hosts senior sunrise

Lucy Buller, Reporter August 24, 2021

At the crack of dawn, on Aug. 12, approximately 70 students from the class of 2022 gathered at Centennial Park to watch the sunrise before their final year as high schoolers. The students reached the park...

Principals council advocates for change

Principal’s council advocates for change

Eris Rindt , Reporter August 20, 2021

Each year students are faced with a handful of tough decisions, one of which is what activities they plan to participate in throughout the school year. Some activities require applications prior to their...

VIDEO: Railer Palooza 2021

Ian Baker, Railer Productions August 13, 2021

A fair highlighting student organizations, meeting teachers, games in the gym, and a pie auction all took place on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021 at Newton High School.

Students struggle to stay motivated

Students struggle to stay motivated

Daniel Gonzalez-Arevalo, Reporter May 24, 2021

As the school year comes to an end, many students are already looking forward to their summer vacation. With a few days left of school, it has become harder for some students to stay checked in mentally....

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