It’s all greek to me

Explanation of greek life at universities

Faye Smith

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As students begin life at their
prospective universities, many
begin to consider how to be involved on
their campus. In addition to clubs and
other group organizations, students can
be involved in the greek life on campus.
Although, a common question asked
among students, is what exactly do
greek organizations do?

The greek system is a social
organization for students interested in
building relationships with others like
themselves. There are also specialized
houses for certain majors such as
agriculture and engineering, in addition
to multicultural chapters.

Through these chapter houses, on
campus they promote philanthropy as
their main goal. Each fraternity and
sorority philanthropy promotes nonprofit
organizations, and assists in
donating money to those perspective
organizations. According to CNN, in
2012-13 school year 20.3 million
dollars were raised for philanthropic

With over 9 million greek life
members nationally, according to The
Fraternity Advisor, these organizations
are a way for students