Caring Hands’ ‘Ride for the Dogs’ event raises funds for shelter

Macy Rice

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Since 2011, local animal shelter Caring Hands Humane Society has put on the Ride for the Dogs fundraiser in order to raise money to cover medical and housing expenses for dogs in the shelter. This year the event was held on Sept. 17.

The shelter’s original goal was to raise enough money to cover the expenses of 20 dogs. However, the fundraiser raised an amount that exceeded that goal.
“The event raised a total of $7,900, which is enough to house, vaccinate, spay and neuter and treat parasites for 79 dogs,” event manager Randy Stephenson said.
Many sponsors helped to increase publicity and ensure the success of the event.

“We were on radio and television, with KFDI, T-95, and 104.5 The Fox actually coming out to the event,” Stephenson said. “Christian Motorcyclist participated as well, and helped with the event.”

Ride for Dogs is often referred to as a ‘poker run.’ Participants ride motorcycles to different locations and play in a poker match, where the winner receives the biggest prize.

“While the other prizes may be smaller, every card wins a prize,” executive director of Caring Hands Kevin Stubbs said.

The poker matches were considered the main event of the fundraiser, however, there was also a raffle held on the side to attract more participants.

“A new promotion to possibly win a Yamaha motorcycle was added. Being that we had not done this before, it had some hiccups, but was successful,” Stephenson said.
Stephenson said there were at least 165 riders who participated in the event, which is more than in previous years. Because of this, Caring Hands Humane Society was able to collect more funds to benefit dogs at their shelter.

“Overall, we are happy with the turnout and happy that so many people have been so helpful and supportive,” Stephenson said.