On the rise: students showcase choreography

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Macy Rice

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Following a six year tradition, eight high school students participated in Bethel College Academy of Performing Arts’ student choreography concert on March 12.

Sophomore Emily Brandt worked for two weeks to choreograph a ten person dance, which she also performed in. Brandt got the idea of choreographing such a large dance from their teacher.

“My teacher Haylie had a list of people that weren’t in many dances, so she encouraged us to use certain people, which then grew to ten people,” Brandt said.

Naturally, when dealing with the schedules of ten different people, problems are likely to arise.

“I think the biggest challenge has been trying to get everyone together at one rehearsal and teaching it to them,” Brandt said.

Freshman Abigail Boese performs her first solo dance at the student choreography concert at Bethel College. Photo by Macy Rice

Students who performed in the concert were responsible for holding their own rehearsals. Many students held their rehearsals at Bethel College.

“Most of the students are company members at BCAPA, so they organize their own rehearsals typically on the weekends after company practices,” BCAPA director Haylie Berning said.

In order to perform in the concert, students had to audition in front of judges who were given specific judging criteria.

“The students must have a dance at least one minute long. During the auditions the students give information about how long the piece is going to be and how far along they are in the process,” Berning said. “Typically students are halfway done with the dance at the time of auditions when the judges watch it.”

This concert provides the opportunity for students to showcase their work, as well as improving their choreographing skills.

“I think it’s a really good opportunity to get your foot out there and start choreographing and working with other dancers,” Brandt said.

Ten dances were performed at the concert including one from sophomore Abigail Boese.

“I’m excited because it’s my first solo that I’ll be performing in front of people, so that’s really fun and exciting,” Boese said. “It’s a great opportunity because it allows me to learn how to choreograph. I’m the only one dancing.”

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Macy Rice, Newtonian Opinions Editor

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On the rise: students showcase choreography