Adaptive P.E.

Rebekah Nelson

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Field Day
May 12, 2019
Student from middle school waves from the side of the pool.

The annual adaptive P.E. Spring Fling was held on Monday March 18. With events such as synchronized swimming, team races and diving, students from the middle school and highschool got the opportunity to showcase their talents along with what they had learned from class. With hopes of following her mother’s footsteps, senior Brynna Walton observed as a job shadow, with hopes of becoming an adaptive P.E. teacher herself one day.


“It’s just been in my family my whole life. I don’t want to be sitting down in a classroom, I like to be active and so adaptive P.E. is like the best of both worlds I guess,” Walton said.


Along with carrying the family tradition, Walton explains that the fun environment is what is really drawing her in.


“I just love the community. You learn more from them sometimes than they learn from you,” Walton said.


Walton plans on continuing her education at Kansas State University with a major in Physical Education.