Field Day

Rebekah Nelson

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April 28, 2019

With various elementary schools gathered together, the annual Field Day was held on May 1 at Fischer FIeld. High school students pitched in to help with set up, running the courses, and clean up. Freshman Olivia Adams was one of these students, getting involved through the guidance of her distance coach who also was running the event. Adams reflected back on her time when she attended field day herself as a kid.

“I definitely looked up to the high school helpers [when in elementary school]. I probably wouldn’t have admitted it back then but I thought it was so cool to be friends with them,” Adams said.

Adams was in charge of helping with the relay obstacle course.

“I thought it was really cool to watch everyone play and get along,” Adams said. “also get to see the kids having fun and not be on there phones and stuff.”

Adams plans on helping again next year.