Badminton Feb 13

Rebekah Nelson

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Field Day
May 12, 2019
Rafif Faza Pradana and his opponents discuss the score of the game.

The third annual Badminton tournament was held on February 13 in Ravenscroft Gym. Students were allowed 3 games in pool play and then divided into a gold, silver and bronze brackets. The winner of each bracket received a gift card and free admission to the homecoming dance. Senior Seth Bontrager admits that having a close connection with his partner senior Tim Kirner, it gave them an advantage and helped them win first place in the gold bracket.

“Having Tim as a foreign helped us win,” Bontrager said. “It brought a lot of energy to the team. I appreciate that.”

While Bontrager accredited his win to working well from the start, senior Zachary Kennell admits that it took him and senior Hunter Lujano a couple games to get the hang of things.

“We went 0-2 in pool play which isn’t ideal but then we finished out with 3 straight wins so that’s good,” Kennell said. “It definitely took a couple games to get it down…but eventually we got it.”

Winner of the silver bracket, seniors DesiRay Kernal and Kayla Mwangi reveal that getting second place is still a win in their eyes.

“A dub is a dub. At the end of the day we walked away with gift cards,” Kernal said.

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