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Rebekah Nelson

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Field Day
May 12, 2019
Junior Schyler Entz focuses on her page during 5th hour yearbook

From taking pictures to creating graphics to even staying late on school nights, there are many different aspects to what goes on behind the scenes of the Newton High publications. The Railroader is the yearbook led by Editor-In-Chief Rebekah Nelson with 14 staff members total.  The News Magazine is led by Editor-In-Chief Faye Smith with 10 staff members total. The two staffs offer a different atmosphere but both share one goal; to report with the student body in mind.

“I think we’re focusing more on student readership as a whole,” senior Faye Smith said.

News Mag has seen new changes this year including printing in color, a new printing schedule and a new organizational structure for staff roles.

“After we cut ties with [the Newton Kansan] we went and decided to do all color. We also decided to do in house advertisements so I think we raised 2,600…to cover all the color printing…With it in color, it has positively impacted people reading it…Addition with the adjustments to the paper, we’ve really went full force into doing online content. We’re trying to post a story/picture/tweet daily. People take us a lot more seriously and a lot more of our student body is engaging with us. This year since it’s a bigger publication and since we have more time…everybody has their own page. They design their layout, they pick the photos they do the graphics, they do the stories… It’s not somebody designing them and they’re just writing the story…I think it’s a little bit more personal” Smith said.

Lots of changes can also be found in this year’s yearbook room, including a new organizational structure for deadlines, coverage and staff roles. With new changes, comes new results.

“I think we’ve been really strict with deadlines and I think that’s helped keep people accountable to being productive. I think [as far as the] collaboration aspect and working together, people have been communicating well…and have been very open to feedback and making adjustments. It’s functioning a bit smoother than years past; a lot of that comes from experience from me and from the student leaders and staff members, ” journalism teacher Robin Montano said.

The Railroader is distributed at the end of the year and can be purchased at Publications of the News Magazine are distributed by staff members 4 times a year.