Black Friday shopping starts too early, cuts into Thanksgiving

As we gather together this holiday weekend, people are not only wanting to get their hands on Thanksgiving dinner, but also “amazing” deals occuring the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is an American tradition held on the Friday after Thanksgiving. People line up around the building of retail stores, waiting to get their hands on the best deals of the year. But, as the years go by it seems like stores are opening earlier than the previous year. How important are these deals when the tradition begins to impede on family time?

Up until the late 2000’s, stores would open as early as five in the morning. This all changed in 2011 when big retailers began opening their stores at midnight. The next year these retailers were opening their store 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving day. Family gatherings were interrupted as people around the country leave dinner to stock up on Christmas gifts.

This year some stores are opening at two in the afternoon on Thanksgiving day, leaving no room for family time. Thanksgiving a holiday for spending time with the family you’re thankful for, not shopping. There’s no point in calling it Black Friday, when in reality inexpensive prices and good deals are taking over the holiday.

Even though the new iPhone is being sold at a great low price, people should take a step back and look at their priorities. What’s more important, materialistic items or spending the holidays with family? While I understand that supplies may run out, it is still important to spend Thanksgiving with your family.

A survey conducted by revealed that 28.99% of 1,069 people surveyed were strongly against Black Friday occurring on Thanksgiving day. While it seems like everyone will be shopping on Thanksgiving day, a lot of stores will actually be closed. also provides a long list of stores that will be closed on the holiday including Barnes and Noble, Dillard’s, and Mall of America.

So as we celebrate the Thanksgiving season, remember what’s more important to you; family or shopping?

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