BCAPA Haunt Fest Oct. 27

Natalie Kuhn

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Kayla Wong plays a patient that is electrocuted by Sophomore Abi Boese and David Kliewer who performed as electric chair technicians.

On Saturday Oct. 27, the Bethel College Academy of Performing Arts dance students, performed their annual Haunt Fest at the Bethel Performing Arts Center for families in Newton. The Haunt Fest consisted of four different dance performances by multiple skill level classes, a children’s costume contest, and multiple games throughout the center. Freshman Ember Suter believes the dancers performed well. 

“The dancers all did a great job performing their Haunt Fest dances, especially with having to perform then on gym floors,” Suter said.

Later in the evening the performers of BCAPA converted the basement of Memorial Hall into a haunted laboratory. The students partaking in the event were able to enlist a staff member for a role in their haunted laboratory. Biology teacher Jerry Epp, played the evil scientist, “Doctor Jerome Wilson”. Epp’s role called upon him to become angry at the laboratory visitors then follow them with a large syringe of a mysterious liquid. Epp believes it was a success. 

“For as little amount of time as [the performers] have to get [the haunted house] all together and as many people they got signed up to go, I thought it was a success,” Epp said.