Students arrested in ongoing drug investigation

Gracie Hammond

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On Jan. 17 during fourth hour, principal Lisa Moore made an announcement preceding a lock-in. As a result of an ongoing two month investigation by the Newton Police Department and Harvey County Drug Coalition, 11 students have been arrested. The announcement reads:

“I am asking all students, teachers, and staff members to please be seated. In cooperation with NHS administration, the Newton Police Department has completed a two-month long investigation operation of drug sales and drug distribution at Newton High School. Statewide officers brought in 4 drug dogs that conducted a search of NHS parking lots, academic lockers, PE lockers, varsity lockers, and CTE lockers.  Eleven NHS students or former students have been arrested for drug sales or distribution on school property—3 are adult students and 8 are juvenile students. Six of these arrests were off NHS property this morning and five arrests were on school property this morning. Newton High School administration and staff will continue to fight the fight against drugs. We will work with the Harvey County Drug Coalition and USD 373 Board of Education to find resources to support our fight. We will work to provide a safe learning space for all Newton High School students.  Thank you for your cooperation.”

A full story will later be posted regarding this announcement.