Marching band, JAG, other groups bring joy to other during Parade of Lights

Meya Green

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Holiday traditions are not only essential with your family, but they are also very important within the community. On December 7th, the Parade of Lights took place. This is a tradition that people have taken a part for many years and continue to participate every year.

Groups of all sorts participated in this years Parade of Lights in a way to get their name out and make it a fun way to experience the holiday season.

“We worked with the Newton young Professionals and the middle school and high school JAG. We put together a float and we dressed up as little elves,” JAG teacher Tavis Leake said.

The marching band has gone every year and has played a sequence of songs with most of them playing decorated and festive instruments.

“Each year it just makes it something else for the parade. It makes it more interesting I guess,” sophomore band member Jadin Anton said.

Not only did these people make an enjoyable sight for the community, it took time and effort for some to prepare for the parade.

“For the past week, we marched on the track in our formation and we would play the songs. We started playing them ourselves in a few separate bands and then we played all together and we would march around the track,” Anton said.

Most believe that the Parade of Lights is a fun, and effective way to bring the community closer together.

“I think it’s a good way because it brings everyone together to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. You may end up standing by someone you don’t know. Then you could end up talking to them or becoming friends,” Anton said.