Coaches corner: Jantzi kicks off season

Jantzi kicks off season

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Head soccer coach, Scott Jantzi, has been involved in soccer since the third grade. He was a quick learner and picked the sport up fast. His inspiration comes from Brazilian soccer player, Pelé. When the offer to be a soccer coach fell into his hands he could not pass up the offer. He has experience in coaching for baseball for other teams, but the opportunity to coach baseball was not available. Devoted to the team, he has been coaching the soccer team for 17 years. His dream is to travel to Europe and watch his favorite team, Manchester United, play.

What is the best part about coaching?
“The best part of coaching is teaching what I love and being able to share the experiences with our athletes.”

What are your goals for the team?
“Our goal is always to make it further in the playoffs. We would like to make it to the final four and challenge for a state title.”

Does it matter to you to be #1?
“Rankings don’t mean much to me. I want our athletes to go out and compete at a high level and have fun doing that.”

What would you say is an obstacle for you as a coach?
“Our biggest obstacle is the amount of time we have with the team. Some play club soccer, but the majority don’t. It helps tremendously when they do.”

How do you motivate your players?
“We try to motivate through challenging them to be their best each time they train or play. Trying to be better each time they play.”

Has coaching impacted your life, how?
“It is a game I love to coach and watch. I am love to teach the game and see the progress and success of our young athletes.”