Banding together: friends connect through music, new album

Taylor Tasaka

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Gracie Hammond

Juniors Richard Regier, Garrett Mick and sophomore Seth Bontrager jam out at Athletic Park on April 17. This was Danger no Diving’s first live show.

Aydan Rolph and Ben Crump

Danger No Diving (DND) is no longer just a warning found in the shallow areas of public pools. Thanks to the musical minds of junior Garrett Mick, sophomore Seth Bontrager and junior Richard Regier, Danger No Diving is now a local student band. Mick and Bontrager began composing covers in Bontrager’s basement before moving into Mick’s garage midsummer. It was there that the idea of Danger No Diving was born.

Mick began playing music in the fifth grade starting with snare drums. Since then, his love for music has only grown. Coming into high school, he began to take drum lessons and quickly realized that he had natural talent.

“When I wasn’t taking a drum lesson, I was hitting pillows with drumsticks,” Mick said. “From the bottom of my heart I absolutely, positively, look forward to band every single day.”
When Bontrager was eight, his parents gifted both him and his brother guitars for Christmas. This sparked his love for music and jazz. He is now the singer and guitar player for DND.

“I’ve been playing guitar most of my life and have always wanted to be in a band. When I met Garrett we both knew a band needed to happen. We tried to jam a couple of times, but it didn’t work out,” Bontrager said. “Then we met the one and only Rich, and things took off.”

Playing bass, Regier adds the lower tone to DND. Having a studio in his basement has been the prime practice and hang out spot for the band. The band recorded their first cover, “This Lowly Home” in Regier’s studio.

“Playing music with great guys is the best part of being in the band,” Regier said.
Mick finds himself singing and writing at odd times. For example, the lyrics to “Lesbian” came from a track workout.

“Somedays I’ll sit down and try to write a song and I can’t think of anything. Then one day I’ll be just driving to work, or at track practice, and I can just write,” Mick said.

So far, DND has been a thrilling experience for all three members.

“It can get crazy sometimes. It’s all about finding time,” Mick said.

Danger No Diving performed their first live show April 17 at Athletic Park. There they performed songs from their album “21st Century” and other covers.