Doritos to be involved in viral promposal

Meya Green

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Freshman Carlie Wittman and senior Shaedon Wedel pose together after she said yes to his promposal.

During this time of year, social media is filled with promposal pictures and videos. However, senior Shaedon Wedel and freshman Carlie Wittman’s experience was different than most. Wedel asked Wittman to prom and posted the pictures one evening. The next day, he woke up and found that the post had gone viral.

Wedel said Doritos has been very involved, providing a helicopter to take them to prom in, and people to make Carlie’s dress for her. He got the idea of asking her at the beginning of the year and knew exactly the way to ask her.

“Me and her older brother (Carson) were going to take her together, then at the beginning of the school year he met his girlfriend and then I decided I would take her myself,” Wedel said.

Being friends with Carson, Wedel knows Carlie well. “Ever since I’ve known her, she’s eaten Doritos everyday because she just loves Doritos,” Wedel said.

Wedel has made sure to make this about Carlie because he thinks she deserves it.

“It was crazy. I posted it like at six o’clock at night and by the next day it had like 14,000 likes. I was like, ‘oh wow this is already bigger than I expected,’ Wedel said. “It’s just crazy, there’s just so many people asking questions.”

After the photos had gone viral, Doritos contacted him on Twitter.

“They tweeted about a week after they contacted me. They first messaged me on Twitter and
we’ve been emailing back and forth for two and a half weeks or so,” Wedel said.

He believes all of the attention has impacted him in a positive way.

“I think it’ll influence others, if it hasn’t yet, then it will eventually influence other people to do the right thing,” Wedel said.