Results of the Kansas midterm elections


On November 9, the citizens of Kansas voted on the midterm elections, and the votes are now finalized. Democratic Governor Laura Kelly will serve her second term as governor, beating Republican candidate Derek Schmidt. According to NYTimes, the votes were fairly close with Schmidt having 466,453 votes and Kelly having 481,882 votes.  

Republican Kris Kobach won the position of Kansas Attorney General for his first term. Kobach ran in the last midterm in 2018 for governor but got beaten out by Kelly. 

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Republican Ron Estes will represent Kansas’ 4th congressional district in his second term. According to NYTimes, Estes beats his opponent, Democrat Bob Hernandez, by 28 percent. 

According to NYTimes, Republican Jerry Moran has just been re-elected as a Kansas Senator with 588,764 total votes. Roger Marshall was re-elected last election and is also a senator for Kansas along with Moran.