Students participate in annual Powderpuff and PeachFuzz games


Newton High School has a longstanding tradition of boys competing in PeachFuzz and girls playing Powderpuff in a series of grade vs. grade competitions. For Peachfuzz, each grade typically has a roster of about 12 boys, who play volleyball in Ravenscroft Gym. For Powderpuff, each grade has a roster of 22 girls who go and play football out on Fischer Field.
This year, Powderpuff will take place on Nov. 9. For most students interested in attending, it will cost $3 for entry. However, if students are interested in a discounted admission price, they can bring a can of food and the cost will be reduced to $2. Powderpuff is a fundraiser for Business Professionals of America, a club here at NHS, and the club receives the proceeds from the event. BPA is also in charge of organizing the event, which is led by their sponsor Jessica Crabtree.
“We have to get all of the sign-up information ready to go, all of the sign-up sheets. We have to coordinate with the place we get our t-shirts from when they need all of the sizes, colors, and all of that, that way we have a deadline with turning everything in,” Crabtree said. “We also have to prepare for making announcements, letting students know to sign up. It’s all about getting sign-up materials and deadlines set.”
For both Powderpuff and PeachFuzz, the coaches consist of varsity athletes from each of these sports. The Powderpuff teams are coached by football players from each grade. This year, one of the coaches for the junior team is James Hulse. Hulse says that a fun and very important part of Powderpuff is the practices.
“My favorite part is the practice. We go and have fun listening to music for an hour or so,” Hulse said. “[We want to] win it all. [The juniors] got last, last year so we want that revenge.”
Around the same time of the year, people prepare to participate in the grade vs. grade volleyball tournament known as PeachFuzz. This year, PeachFuzz was held on Nov. 8 in Ravenscroft. Students who brought a can of food were admitted free of charge. Boys from each grade filled out the rosters to be coached by varsity volleyball players. Junior Emma Rains coached the junior team for the second year in a row.
“I would have to say my favorite part of coaching PeachFuzz would be the environment of it all. It’s so fun to build lots of friendships through these fundraisers,” Rains said. “I think everyone should try and come out to these fundraisers because it is just a really fun environment and just everyone being there and wanting to play. It’s full of laughter and definitely some competitiveness.”