Girls tennis team gains new members



The girl’s varsity tennis team has recently gotten some new attention here at Newton High School. The girl’s varsity tennis team got a new member that is a foreign exchange student from Italy. Giulia Introini is a junior here at Newton High School. She has joined the girl’s tennis team here at NHS.

“I really hoped to have fun with my friends, improve my tennis skills and put myself in competition to see how I handle it. I do really like the tennis team, all the people are gentle and I fit in well with the coaches,” Introini said. “I like the school even if sometimes there is some homework, which I submit late because I have tennis until five and sometimes the due for that work is 4:30. Honestly, I am adjusting pretty good, with the subject, teachers and friends.”

Introini is hoping to have fun with her friends and improve her tennis skills, and even wants to compete in competitions for the school. The people she has been around are kind and she is liking the coaches of the tennis team so far. She likes school, even though sometimes she has homework that she submits late, due to her practicing tennis after school. Unfortunately, some assignments are due when she is playing tennis. Introini is adjusting to this school pretty well with her teachers, classes, subjects and even friends. Introini is hoping to have fun here at NHS and gain lots of new friends.

Sophomore Mara Oswald, a seasoned tennis player who has been playing tennis all throughout middle school and freshman year of high school, is one of Introini’s teammates. Oswald is optimistic for this tennis season and is wanting to see her teammates go to state.

“I am hoping to see some people go to state this year; it was really fun last year, so I am hoping to see more people. I am excited to play and I am excited to get some more varsity playing time this year and overcome challenges I had last year,” Oswald said.

One of the coaches of the tennis team is Nick Sisson. Sisson has recently stepped back from coaching for now since he is trying to focus on taking care of his newborn child. Sisson has some high hopes for his team by wanting them to qualify for state competitions. He really wants to help his players by making them feel that they’ve improved through the summer lessons that they took.

“I have not been able to have as much time with the girls’ team as I’m used to, but they have done an excellent job of progressing with the time we’ve had and with the leadership of Coach Duncan,” Sisson said. “Our goal for this season is for all players to feel like they have improved from working in summer lessons and to hopefully qualify multiple players for state competitions.”

This year’s tennis team is overall looking forward to playing and having a good time and is aiming to go to state this year. They are wanting to take first place this year at state. Introini says “Just to have fun and gain lots of friends. Put me in competition and feel good.”