Off to Disney


Caileane Thurston, Reporter

Leaving bright and early on the morning of Mar. 11, NHS Choir began their 26-30 hour long bus ride to Disney. The group was traveling to Disney in order to perform and show off their dancing and singing in front of a large crowd. 

Choir teacher Amy Ives says that she really loved getting to spend time with her students and seeing them perform for such a huge audience. During their time in Florida, the group went to all four Disney Parks such as Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. While at the parks, they enjoyed lots of food and rode on lots of rides. Additionally, the Choraleers were a part of a Disney related workshop. This took place at Imagination Studios and they made a music video and put their voices over the songs from Frozen. The Railaries were selected to attend the event because Ives signed the choir up; Railaires performed a show at Disney Springs on an outdoor stage. 

Sophomore Ava Siebert says that she looked forward to the Disney trip and was very excited. The most challenging thing for her in choir was some of the music. Additionally, Siebert says it was challenging to learn all of the Disney dances when she joined a semester late. 

 “I loved learning the dances and performing them in front of hundreds of people at Disney springs. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it,” Siebert said.

Sophomore Aliyah Rossiter says she joined choir because she has always loved to sing and she thought she would find many good and new experiences through the group. Rossiter’s favorite part about the Disney trip was getting closer with people she did not expect to. There was less to stress about and all of the students were just carefree throughout the whole event, she says.

“It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I got closer with people I didn’t expect to, I got to sing with all my friends and it was just such a cool experience and it was definitely worth it,” Rossiter said.

Junior Madison Hershberger says that she definitely enjoyed singing, her experiences on the trip and the great opportunities that came along with it.

“The Disney trip was a wonderful experience, it gave us an opportunity to perform in front of a large audience. Besides that it was just a much needed break after all the hard work was done, kinda like a reward,” Hershberger said. 

Hershberger thinks that it is amazing and really enjoyable when all kinds of different and new people come together as a group, and as a choir. She said there was a lot to learn from this experience and she really hopes they can all fundraise again for this to happen another year. 

“It’s a very magical thing when people get together for a common goal. It was such a wonderful learning experience, I hope years in the future we can have this opportunity again,” Hershberger said.