Castillo showcases her unique fashion sense


Senior Stephanie Castillo has always been interested in shopping and figuring out her own unique style. Castillo wears many different kinds of clothing, inside and out of the school and purchases many of her clothing items at second-hand shops. She has a very original style compared to that of many of her peers.
Castillo says that she gets most of her clothes from the Newton Et Cetera Shop and Goodwill. She says that she overall does not exactly have a style, but whatever she feels that day is what she usually wears. Some days she may wake up tired and wear something cozy like sweatpants and a cute baggy shirt with designs on it.
“I don’t really have a style, but whatever I feel that day is what I usually wear, like today I’m feeling more tired,” Castillo said.
Castillo is involved in Drama at NHS and also participates in tech theater. She attends workshops after school, builds sets and has been in a couple play productions. Castillo says she currently does not want to bring fashion into a career in the future, but she will continue to love it and express herself by playing with her style.
“I do like fashion. I think you can tell a lot about a person from their fashion,” Castillo said.
Castillo thinks it is very rewarding that people admire and notice her fashion choices. She thinks that if someone likes her style, then she and that person will most likely get along because they have something in common.
“I like fashion a lot. I think it’s very nice and I love it. I can tell if people are like myself, and we’re most likely gonna get along,” Castillo said.
Castillo says her style has continued to change over the years and now she is changing it up again.
“Even freshman year, I was always wearing jeans and a nice polo shirt. Then slowly sophomore and junior year happened and I wore the same, and then every summer the same thing too. Now I’m going for more of a y2k look but I’m changing it because it seems like it’s not for me anymore,” Castillo said.
Something in particular that Castillo likes about style is that it can represent a lot of things. Such as, it can represent your identity, your personality, who you are as a person and showing the world what you stand for. She really enjoys fashion and thinks that everyone has their own style that is meant to be seen and discovered. Castillo thinks that since everyone has their own style, they should wear what they want. She also believes that everyone should wear what they are wearing because everyone is their own person, they should try to dress originally and not copy one another’s looks.
“I think it’s awesome. I think everyone should wear what I’m wearing. But then, I don’t like it if everyone’s wearing what I’m wearing because everyone has their own unique and creative style,” Castillo said.
Senior Seth Bruey thinks that it is really cool and creative of Stephanie to keep up with her unique types of style.
“I think that it’s fun and playful. She wears anything from comfort to elegant looks,” Bruey said.