Exchange students experience American spring break

Exchange students experience American spring break

Annika Yoder, Reporter

Just after the third quarter ends, students head off to enjoy their spring breaks. For many students, this is a time for vacationing and many decide to take trips over the week-long break. For spring break 2022, many foreign exchange students at NHS went on trips all over the U.S. to thoroughly experience the country.

Senior foreign exchange students Bruna Bolado Montoriol, Sara Taticchi and Jade Rogelet decided to go on a road trip. They visited places like the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Colorado Springs. Although they spent a lot of time in the car and on the road, they loved getting to see and explore new places. 

“[The trip] was amazing,” Bolado said. “We got mad at each other sometimes after more than 24 hours in a car, but we all had so much fun.”

Bolado’s favorite part of going on this road trip was just getting to visit all of these new places she never thought she would have visited before. They stopped in every state they went through, so they were able to see a ton of new places.

“[The best part of my spring break was] getting to visit all the places I’ve always wanted to see and visit,” Bolado said. 

According to Bolado, spring break in America differs from the spring break she is used to having in Spain. For instance, spring break in Spain takes place right after they celebrate the days of Easter unlike here in America, where this break takes place at the end of the third quarter, right around the middle of March. 

“Our spring break in Spain is later, it is right after the days of Easter,” Bolado said. “We have spring camps, like a summer camp, and some people just go to their second home in a different town, but overall, people don’t travel that much.”

Senior foreign exchange student Louisa Vetter also took a trip this spring break. She visited New York City for the first time with her host family and gained a lot of new experiences. She said that she really enjoyed visiting the big city. 

“My favorite part of visiting New York was getting to see the city at night,” Vetter said. “It was very cool to see all of the lights and it just made the trip pretty great.”

Vetter came from Germany to attend school at NHS this year. This was her first time experiencing spring break in America, however unlike Bolado, Vetter says that the experience was not much different than in Germany. In Germany, they have a longer spring break which results in shorter breaks throughout the year, such as their summer vacation.

“Spring break is a little bit longer in Germany,” Vetter said. “There isn’t really that much difference between the break in Germany and in America though.”