Jones finds creative outlet through pottery

Caileane Thurston, Reporter

Excelling inside of the classroom and out, junior Leigh Jones has become heavily interested in ceramics while being a part of the class this school year. Many, teachers and students alike, say she is very talented in ceramics and is able to put her own and unique style into her projects. So far she has made various objects such as pots, foils, cups and bowls. Jones says that she decided to take ceramics this year solely because she wanted to have a little creative break between her tougher classes. 

Ceramics class is a time of peace and relaxation for Jones. She describes that she can often put in her headphones and work mindlessly but with intention. One challenging aspect of the class for Jones is when she has to fix a certain part of her clay and then ends up having to redo the piece all over again, as this can become frustrating. However, Jones believes greatly that the more practice you have and the more effort you give, the better your work will be, so she just gives it another shot.

“Proportions always seem to get the best of me. There have been several times where I’ve had to either restart a piece or cut some parts off,” Jones said.

Another challenging part of ceramics for Jones, as well as her classmates, is working with the clay instead of against it. Clay is made from the earth and Jones in particular believes that the process of persuading the clay rather than manipulating it is quite beautiful. It gives her a sense of peace knowing that she can create something simple and crude yet charming. 

“One of my favorite things can be the most frustrating. I like the tediousness of perfecting a vase, mug or bowl. Making sure it doesn’t wobble but is stable; making sure the edges are even and the surface is smooth to the touch,” Jones said. 

According to Clayground, using and making objects with clay can increase your optimistic outlook. It is also said that it can help improve your focus on aspects in your life other than art and that there are both mental and physical benefits from expressing yourself by creating something with your own hands. Additionally, clay can help someone gain a better sense of creativity, develop problem solving skills and learn more about themself. Taking ceramics has provided Jones unforeseen opportunities to gain more knowledge in pottery, art and as she states become a more creative person. 

“I want to create pieces that show my growth and progress throughout the school year. I’m looking forward to creating pieces that show me and who I am. Right now I’m working on a vase that celebrates femininity as well as growth,” Jones said.