Students reflect on Winter Homecoming

Mateya McCord, Reporter

The winter homecoming dance was the word around Newton High since the new shoe policy, and the new DJ. Students seem to always have a big opinion about homecoming since it is one of the most important events of the school year. Being one of the most memorable events throughout high school, strong opinions about the music selection, general decor as well as dancing technique are sure to arise. Special to the 2022 winter homecoming, changes were put in place that caused concern such as a new DJ, a different time than usual and a new shoe policy.

According to a school-wide survey, the DJ at the 2022 winter homecoming, DJ Bearfoot, seemed to be generally very disliked by students. Many students were irritated since there were no slow dance songs and by his overall involvement with the student body at the event. However, sophomore Berkley Roberson thought DJ Bearfoot was overall not too bad. She enjoyed his involvement because it was funny but was disappointed because of some of the song choices. 

“The DJ was very cool,” Roberson said. “He wanted to get in the middle of the mosh pit and dance with all of the students. [However] he played country music which was very strange and he also did not listen to some of our song suggestions.”

Heeled shoes are a very popular choice in footwear for both females and males alike. It was addressed prior to the 2022 winter homecoming dance that students were no longer allowed to wear heeled shoes specifically while dancing in the gym because it scratches the floor. Sophomore Karlyn Archibald believes that the new heel policy was abnormal since homecoming was always located in the gym and they just changed the rule for this homecoming. 

“The new heel rule was weird since they [just] changed it,” Archibald said. “I feel like it was kind of nice though to wear tennis shoes and not have my feet be in pain the next day since my toes weren’t stepped on by heels and tennis shoes are overall just more comfortable.” 

Survey results state that approximately 26% of students rated the winter homecoming a seven out of 10. However, less than 11% of students rated the homecoming a 10, so there is some room for improvement. No student rated the homecoming a zero so one could infer most students enjoyed the dance, other than a few minor things that could be improved on. 

Foreign exchange student senior Matias Lama says he had a lot of fun at his last homecoming dance while living in Newton. He enjoyed hanging out with all of his Kansas friends but did not like the heat and sweat while in the center of the mosh pit.

“I had loads of fun,” Lama said. “The only complaint I have is that I had everyone’s sweat on me and that the DJ was kind of bad, which was a very common opinion from other people. Overall it was pretty good and I will definitely miss everyone and everything when I’m back in Spain.”