Opinion: Gymshark is the superior athletic brand

Opinion: Gymshark is the superior athletic brand

Mateya McCord, Reporter

It is very important to find comfortable and affordable athletic wear that does not ‘break the bank.’ A popular brand for athletic fashion is Lululemon. But while they may have comfortable leggings and good quality products, the business is way too overpriced especially for their target buyers, teens and young adults. 

According to Reuters the company made an estimated over $6.25 billion in just the 2021 year. Due to the brand being very popular on Instagram, Tiktok and other apps sales went up since more people saw the brand was popular. Lululemon is very popular for their leggings and according to The Cold Wire the leggings themselves are so expensive because of their high production cost. The company is said to use expensive machines and fabric developing techniques in its manufacturing as well as putting their products through product testing and quality control to make sure that it is perfect for their customers. Lululemon’s most popular leggings cost between $98 and $128. Generally, I believe a good rule of thumb is that leggings should not cost more than $70. 

There are many other stores you can shop at to get a better price and just as good quality leggings. Gymshark is just as good as Lululemon and has an amazing selection of items at their clothing store. In fact, Gymshark, like Lululemon, has high quality leggings made with high quality fabric. These leggings cost around $40 which I believe is way better price wise than Lululemon since these two companies share a lot of techniques when it comes to the making of their products. 

The problem with Lululemon is that it is really only popular because of all of the celebrities who shop there. According to Entertainment Tonight the most popular celebrities that shop at Lululemon are Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Adele and Billie Eilish. These celebrities advertise the brand and it gets way more love and attention than it deserves. 

In my opinion, celebrities should advertise less expensive products at different businesses because not everyone is as wealthy as they are. It would be more reasonable for celebrities to advertise Gymshark so more people would invest in these comfortable athletic leisure items since they are less expensive. 

Since Lululemon is most popular for their leggings and Gymshark makes leggings specifically for running and working out, people should stop wasting their money at Lululemon and purchase leggings from Gymshark. Just because everyone wears Lululemon does not mean it is better than Gymshark, and why would you not want to buy better leggings for a more affordable price.