Students discuss PDA on Valentine’s Day

Students discuss PDA on Valentines Day

Addie Clayton, Reporter

During the month of February, couples tend to show more public displays of affection (PDA) than normal. One of the rules in the student handbook at NHS states that kissing is prohibited on campus, however light PDA such as hand holding and hugging is allowed when appropriate. While PDA is accepted in the student handbook to a certain extent, students say it still often makes them uncomfortable while in their learning environment. 

A survey of 60 students at NHS concluded that 56.7% of the student body thinks that PDA should be allowed on Valentine’s day. Students believe PDA should be allowed in the school setting for this holiday but only to the specified extent such as hugging and hand holding. Just as long as it is not making out, most students do not care.

“I think that when it comes to PDA and Valentine’s Day it depends on the type of PDA it is,” sophomore Lauren Crawford said. “For instance, a hug and hand holding should be allowed in school but I don’t think anything more than that should be allowed in school.”

During school hours, Crawford says she can get grossed out when she sees people making out in the hallways. From the survey results, most students say that they also get grossed out when they see people excessively touching and making out at school. 

“I think that PDA should be allowed to a certain extent on Valentine’s Day, for some people it gets really weird if they are smooching on each other in the hallways,” senior Joel Franz said. “However, I think a hug or short kiss is appropriate because it is a special day.”

Similar to Crawford, Franz says he gets grossed out by PDA simply because he does not want to see kids making out in the morning. Freshman Natalie Cassant additionally agrees that PDA should be allowed a little bit on Valentine’s Day.

“I think a hug is ok but not like a really long hug. I think maybe a quick kiss on the cheek is ok but not a full-on makeout sesh,” Cassant said. “Like most people, PDA grosses me out.”

Cassant thinks most people take PDA too far such as making out in the middle of the hallways. One of the main problems surrounding PDA at NHS is the fact that others tend to get in the way of hallway traffic according to the survey results. 

“I think PDA should be allowed in general but, [only] to a certain extent in school,” Crawford said. “Outside of school [though], 100% go for it.”