Opinion: Euphoria Review

Addie Clayton, Reporter

When teens are not in school or playing sports, most teens watch TV. A recent TV show that has gained popularity since it first released in the summer of 2019 is a show called Euphoria. Euphoria is a drama show that follows a 17-year-old girl, Rue, a drug addict who just got out of rehab. The show portrays tough situations that happen to teens in real life.

On Jan. 9, the first episode of Euphoria season two was released. Many fans of the show have been anticipating the release of the first episode and had a lot to say when it officially came out. Personally, I was very excited to see all the characters from season one come back. I loved how the first episode opened with Fezco’s backstory with his grandma. It really helped you understand him as a character more than anything. With season one the writers seemed to base each episode on a certain character and their backstory and so it was cool to see them continue that in season two.

I think the new season is really good so far. It has a lot of unexpected storylines that are really different and shocking,” sophomore Berkley Roberson said. I was shocked when Nate got beaten up by Fez. Another thing that shocked me was Nate and Cassie being together.”

Euphoria is known to create a shock factor when it comes to the plot of each episode. In season one, the writers were known for shocking the audience with the storylines to keep people watching and coming back to the show. The writers have definitely carried this trend with the start of season two because there were many shocking storylines in just the first few episodes. For instance when Fez beat up Nate, when Lexi and Fez were flirting and even when Rue met the new character Elliot.

Since the release of the new season, fans of the show have shared their thoughts on social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram. Many say it is entertaining the day after a new episode comes out to see what everyone else thought about the show. Some people seem to even come up with crazy theories about where the season will lead to, while others have more realistic theories. With only the first two episodes currently out, my favorite character has to be Lexi because she is really becoming more of a main character. In many ways, she is getting more of a storyline than just being a supporting character and I hope she gets her own episode this season since she did not get one last season.

“My favorite character is definitely Maddy because she does not care what people think about her and she just speaks her mind,” Roberson said. “Jules is my least favorite character because she gets herself involved in things for no reason and I feel like she thinks everything is about her.”

Euphoria is known to tackle tough situations so if you have not watched it yet I would suggest looking up trigger warnings before watching. I think that the show does a good job of portraying real life situations affecting highschool students and may promote change and understanding of the current circumstances facing the highschool generation.