Opinion: Hype House Review

Mateya McCord, Reporter

On Jan. 7, The Hype House released season one of their first show on Netflix. This show was very dramatic because the Tik-Tokers were explaining how their life is so hard because they are famous. While I originally did not have high hopes for this show, it ended up being pretty good, besides a couple of the members becoming annoying and dragging other creators for no reason.

The “Hype House” is a very popular house formed in 2019 and is still alive and growing in 2022. A group of nine influencers live in a five million dollar Los Angeles mansion to work together and focus on creating content and building their social media careers by themselves and as a group. The Hype House’s Tik-Tok account has just under 20 million followers. Many people in the Hype House come and go as they please and many past Hype House members have mostly left the house due to drama or wanting to focus on other career plans. 

Thomas Petrou is one of the most important members of the Hype House since he is the main founder and makes sure that the Hype House brand can net at least $80,000 per month to stay afloat. There are many other Hype House members in the show including Kouvr Annon, Nikita Dragun, Mia Hayward, Chase Hudson, Larri Merritt, Vinnie Hacker, Alex Warren and Jack Wright.

In my opinion, Hype House members tend to excessively say unnecessary things and start drama for no absolute reason in the show. For example, the Hype House and a couple other friends went to dinner and Dragun was gas lighting Charli D’Amelio and Hudson about their relationship. Since D’Amelio and Hudson had already been separated, Dragun caused some serious awkwardness and even rage to people at the table. 

Many irrelevant members in the house were hating on the newest member, Hacker, because he was appearing as “lazy.” Hacker, in my opinion, has just been through alot and most members were complaining that he was not making Tik-Toks with any other members which is not necessary for his specific platform. Hacker states that since most of his Tik-Toks are thirst traps, he is not going to make a thirst trap with anyone else. Hacker has just over 11 million followers on his Tik-Tok account. 

Petrou thought he was the ruler over everyone which somewhat makes sense because he does the most work, but he should not be telling other members what they are doing with their lives. Hayward was very popular in the show, but she is not as popular on social media as you would think she would be. She has a little over 3 million followers on Tik-Tok which is weird because in the show she really thought she was better than everyone and would not shut her mouth. I personally believe that Hayward is only famous because of Patrou since she is his girlfriend. She is pretty much irrelevant but thinks she has an opinion.

According to a NHS student body survey, many NHS students started watching ‘The Hype House’ show as a joke but later said it was not as terrible as they thought it was going to be. A large number of students say they did not watch the show because they did not know what the Hype House was, thought the Hype House was annoying, or really just did not care. At NHS, the show is not as popular as you would think, approximately 70% of students did not watch the show and about 23% did.