Remembering Bob Saget

Ann Pomeroy, Newtonian Editor-in-Chief

On Jan. 9, 2022 actor and comedian Bob Saget was found deceased in his hotel room in Ritz-Carlton, Florida. His death came as a shock to many as he had just performed an hours long stand up set in Jacksonville, Florida hours preceding his death. The cause of his death remains unknown but the autopsy report shows no foul play involved. He was found lying face up on the bed of his luxury hotel room with his left arm placed across his chest and his right arm at his side.

Saget is primarily known throughout the student body of NHS as ‘Danny Tanner’ from the long running 90s sitcom “Full House.” His role featured an obsessively clean, slightly overbearing yet loveable father of three which landed him the title of ‘America’s Dad.’ Additionally, many remember him from appearances hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” For many, Saget was a household name growing up, and thus his sudden death came as a major shock in the afternoon and evening hours of Sunday. 

“I was shocked [when I first heard of Bob Saget’s passing] as he had been recently touring the country and he had also posted in his social media that same morning that he had died,” freshman Karla Lopez-Correa said.


Coping with death can be hard at any age, however sources such as Eterneva state that the loss of a loved one or inspirational figure can be extremely difficult for youth. Preceding Saget’s death, America’s sweetheart Betty White passed away on Dec. 31 2021, due to complications concerning a stroke she had on Christmas day. Losing these two figures so close together has come as a great surprise to the NHS student body.

“With Betty White, I wasn’t quite surprised to learn about her passing as it would come eventually. Not being mean, but she was 99 years old. People believed her to be immortal as her kindness brought many people together,” Lopez-Correa said. “With Bob Saget’s case though, it was like a slap in the face. He was young, for the age he died, and he had a very healthy and good life overall. He didn’t die of an overdose or of old age. He had recently gotten married and was touring around the states in order to promote at least a few laughters during these times. But, you never know what life has in store for you when you least expect it to.” 

Many state they have taken to the television in order to cope with ‘America’s Dad’ and ‘America’s Grandma’s’ deaths, rewatching old episodes of Full House along with Golden Girls. The sudden passing of both figures worries many as the new year has just begun and it is unknown what other tragedies are in store.


“I was shocked,” sophomore Jadyn Eckert said. “It is hard to believe that [the end of] 2021 and [beginning of] 2022 would take two legends away from us.”

The cast of Full House took to social media immediately and days following Saget’s death mourning their loss. In particular, they asked fans to “…hug the people you love. No one gave better hugs than Bob.” Friends, family and the entire cast gathered in Los Angeles, California for their final farewell at his funeral held on Jan. 19. 

“I honestly didn’t even know he died, but it is sad that he did,” junior Kourtney Wrench said. “I’m more of a fan of Betty White rather than Bob Saget, but it is sad that they both died close to the same time. I was in tears when Betty White died, but I didn’t know that Bob Saget died, so losing both of them near the same time is devastating.”