How do you celebrate?


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Mateya McCord, Reporter

Most students have varying Christmas or holiday traditions specific to their own family. Celebrating Christmas can be very cheerful and exciting. The large number of people who celebrate Christmas typically have a great time exchanging gifts, decorating a tree and just spending time with family and friends. At NHS, students receive a two week winter break starting from Dec. 20 to Jan. 3. 

On Christmas Eve, freshman Regan Hirsh’s family enjoys watching online or going to an in-person church service. On Christmas, Hirsh’s family opens gifts in the morning and spends time together by looking at each other’s presents and later having brunch. 

“Usually we decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Throughout the month of December I always get an advent calendar with chocolate in it. On Christmas Eve we either watch a church service or go to one and after church we eat a lot of food. On Christmas we wake up and open presents and then we all kind of check them out and try to use or fidget with our presents whatever they may be, after that we have brunch and spend the rest of the day as a family,” Hirsh said. 

There are so many other different Christmas traditions for different cultures including Hanukkah, Dia de los Reyes Magos, and more. Dia de los Reyes Magos is Three Kings’ Day celebrated on Jan. 6, and this is when children in Mexico and other Latino countries receive gifts to symbolize those brought by the Three Wise Men. Another popular celebration is Hanukkah. Business teacher Amanda Gillespie celebrates Hanukkah with her dad and celebrates Christmas with her mom.

“My favorite part about Hanukkah is coming together as a family and celebrating the history of my father’s family. Each night we light candles on the menorah and celebrate being together,” Gillespie said. 

Numerous young people believe in Santa Claus which is a very big part of Christmas. According to Inverse, an estimated 85% of American kids believe in Santa Claus. Family is a very important part of Christmas and people will travel all over the world to meet up with their family or close friends. Gathering together is a big Christmas tradition and senior Andrew Barron does exactly that with his family. On Christmas Eve, Barron’s cousins, aunts and uncles, ect. go to his house to wear pajamas and be together as a family. Barron spends time with his family by first eating a fulfilling breakfast and second by opening presents all together. 

“Sometimes my extended family comes over on Christmas Eve to have a pajama party,” Barron said. “Every Christmas my dad makes hash browns and french toast for breakfast.”

Over the whole winter break students have a lot of time to relax, celebrate their holiday traditions and spend time with the people they love. Hirsh will be using this break wisley and overall enjoying her time celebrating Christmas. 

“I am going to sleep a lot and hang out with friends. Me and my best friend usually do something for Christmas like get each other gifts and bake stuff. I am also going to watch movies with my mom,” Hirsh said.