Bowling team searches for practice space

Elly Green, Print Production Manager

The bowling team faces opposition this 2021-2022 season due to both bowling alleys in the Newton area closing down. While both the girls and boys bowling teams are working to find a close practice area, the team faces the reality of the possibility of having to forfeit the season. 

The usual practice space for the bowling team is Play Mor Lanes, which has recently gone up for sale by the owners. School administration is additionally assisting in the search to find a practice space, however, nothing has come on the radar yet. 

“Sadly we haven’t been helped with finding a practice space but I know that East Gate Lanes has gotten a call, asking them to use their facility,” senior Emma Brockman said. 

Brockman has been on the bowling team since her freshman year, and this would have been her fourth year on the team. She says that she has been bowling since her adolescence and hoped to continue her personal tradition of bowling into her senior year.

“Personally, I’m very sad about bowling not having a location because this year I would’ve lettered four years,” Brockman said. “I have been bowling since I was three so it would be horrible to see it go away.” 

Senior Christopher Mick has also been on the bowling team since he was a freshman. Mick says that bowling is special to him because it is a sport that is constantly fun and you can always practice bowling, even when it is not competition season. He hopes to help the team find a place to practice in Newton or the surrounding area. Other than doing that he suggests the bowling team members to stay positive. 

I feel sad about the reality that the bowling team might not get a season also mixed with the thought of being bored,” Mick said. “Honestly we can’t really do much except have a good attitude about the whole situation.” 

Brockman said that her love and passion for bowling stems from creating many memories with her high school team. Brockman also describes bowling as a healthy way to get out frustration. Mick’s reasons for liking bowling are similar to Brockman’s.

“My favorite part of bowling is just the people you get to be around and being able to bowl,” Mick said.