What to do when you receive a bad present

Addie Clayton, Reporter

When it comes to opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning there is often an audience whether it is family or friends. Often when opening a gift and someone realizes it is not what they expected it to be, they could then give a bad reaction. Some of the bad reactions can be them saying how much they like it in a sarcastic tone or not even saying anything at all. You can also give a bad reaction to a present that you really like. 

Most times when giving a bad reaction to a present it could be because it could feel awkward at times when everyone is staring and the gift-giver is asking whether you like the gift or not. Some gift-givers might even say something like, “If you do not like the gift, tell me so I can get you something you like.” It is almost like they are waiting for your response and it can become stressful and can be a lot of pressure.

I know that when I receive a gift I do not like, I often feel bad just because the gift-giver spent their time and money buying the gift. The gifts that I receive that I do not particularly like are mainly clothes because the gift-giver most times does not know my style. When I receive a gift I like, sometimes I give a bad reaction simply because I either do not know how to react simply because I love it so much or because there are so many eyes on me.

 I try my best to not give a bad reaction to gifts so I do not make the gift-giver feel bad but sometimes it is hard not to. Whenever I give a bad reaction it mainly consists of a fake smile and an awkward laugh. At times when I first open the gift my initial reaction can go from a smile to a blank face. 

There are different ways to prevent yourself from giving a bad gift reaction. One of the things you can do is just ‘fake it till you make it.’ It is also good to make sure you always say thank you since they spent their time and money on getting you that gift. Lastly, you should always smile. I think it is best to do anything you can to not hurt the gift-giver’s feelings because they are most likely very excited to see your reaction to the gift they got you. 

Although you may get a gift you do not like this Christmas it is still very important to show your appreciation to anyone who gives you a gift because most times they did it out of the kindness in their hearts.