Student athletes participate in Pink Out


Annika Yoder, Reporter

Every year at Newton High School, the school recognizes October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The athletes participating in fall sports celebrate this month by incorporating pink into their uniforms. Many NHS students also show their support by dressing in all pink outfits to an October football game.

This year at NHS the pink out theme took place at the Oct. 8 football game where the team played a victorious away game at Goddard. The purpose of wearing pink is to recognize those who are battling cancer, have beaten cancer, and those who have unfortunately lost their battle to breast cancer, and the progress that has continued throughout the years to find a cure.

Pink out represents hope to those suffering from cancer and represents our support for those people because more often than not, cancer is a long, tough, scary road and no one should have to go through it alone,” senior Katie McMullin said.

Fall sports show recognition of Pink Out every year. The cheer team switches out their black and gold poms for pink ones. The volleyball team shows their support with pink jerseys. The football team incorporates elements of pink in their uniforms. Just about every fall sport wears something to show their support for Pink Out.

My favorite part of Pink Out is seeing the whole student section wearing pink and seeing the athlete’s October uniforms,” sophomore Gracie Rodriguez said. “When I see everyone wearing pink, I can see that people care and are trying to show their support.” 

On Sept. 30, President Biden announced that the month of October 2021 is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even though people all over have celebrated women during this month, it is important to note that it is just now recognized as a national month, as it was not official before.

It’s important to recognize [Breast Cancer Awareness Month] so we can show that we care. Recognizing breast cancer spreads awareness and shows that we stand with the women who have had to deal with cancer,” Rodriguez said. 

Breast cancer is a very difficult journey for both the patient and their families to go through. The month of October is supposed to recognize breast cancer and the women who have battled it. It is important to give support to the families and women who battle cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer also greatly affects the patient’s family and friends, as they have to cope and adjust to a new situation. The people affected by breast cancer may need help and support from the people around them.

“I think one thing we could do is to further recognize those that have been closely affected by breast cancer. I know this from experience because my mom was diagnosed almost exactly 2 years ago. I would’ve liked more support from other students and the school as a whole. Sometimes when things like that happen it can make you feel alone. I guarantee that there is at least one person every year that has a close relative or even a parent that is going through it. It is not just hard on the person who was diagnosed but everyone around them and it can be very hard to go to school every day and then go back home where you know someone you love is suffering,” McMullin said.