Hey Dudes become staple on campus

Annika Yoder, Reporter

Over the past year, there has been a rise in popularity of the comfortable shoe brand, Hey Dudes. Hey Dudes produce shoe models for both men and women and are a trend amongst all age groups. Many students at Newton High School wear these shoes on the day to day and are known to be a very trendy form of footwear at the moment.

According to Hey Dudes, they started their company back in 2008 with the desire to make shoes that were comfortable and stylish, yet still affordable. Hey Dudes have a large selection of models and styles for shoes that many people find appealing. The most popular styles of Hey Dudes are the loafers and boat shoes. 

“I think Hey Dudes are so popular because they are comfortable, and they go with a lot of different styles,” sophomore Josie Haag said. “Personally, I really like wearing Hey Dudes because they are comfortable.”

Women’s Hey Dudes range in price from approximately $50 to $65 while the price of men’s range from $60 to $75. Many people say that Hey Dudes are worth the price. A lot of people really like the fit of Hey Dudes and think they are a very comfortable pair of footwear due to their use of memory foam and flex technology.

“I think they are a little bit expensive, but I also think that they are definitely worth the price,” Haag said.

Hey Dudes are shoes that you can wear on a daily basis. They are a go-to choice if you want shoes that are both stylish and match with a large variety of outfits. Many students say that they wear their Hey Dudes all of the time, as they are their go to shoe of choice. Junior Tegan Livesay said that she wears her Hey Dudes multiple times a week.

“I wear my Hey Dudes pretty often, which is usually about twice a week,” Livesay said. “I like to wear them often because they are very comfortable shoes.”

Hey Dudes were also designed to be cleaned and deodorized easily. Almost all types of Hey Dudes are machine washable, except for the ones made out of leather, suede, or wool. To clean a pair of shoes, however, one must start by removing the laces. They are then able to wash their Hey Dudes in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. It is additionally recommended to use only a small amount of liquid detergent when washing them. Finally, one should sit their shoes out to air dry and refrain from use of a dryer or direct sunlight. 

“It’s been easy for me to clean my Hey Dudes,” senior Fernando Campos said. “I’ve cleaned them before and they ended up looking new again.”

Part of the reason Hey Dudes have been so popular is the positive reviews and recommendations they receive. Both students at NHS and people reviewing them online have very positive reviews of the shoes. People like them because they are so comfortable, stylish and just an overall good pair of shoes in their eyes.

“I would recommend Hey Dudes to people because they are cool and a really comfortable pair of shoes,” Livesay said. “Everyone [should] go buy a pair of Hey Dudes.”