Choir Reschedules Disney Trip


Daniel Gonzalez-Arevalo, Reporter

Due to the unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 virus the world had to seemingly be put on pause. Places were shut down abruptly which in result affected the lives of many people. Many students seemed excited when they were told they no longer could attend school in person, however, the experience seemed to be bittersweet for choir students who had been long preparing for a trip to Disney. 

A year after the original COVID-19 shutdown choir students find themselves once again preparing for a trip to Disney. Despite changes to the trip being implemented, junior Caleb Garber still remains excited for the trip. 

“So far what I know about the trip is that we are going to next year during spring break, [and] this time we aren’t doing it through a travel planner,” Garber said. “We are taking a plane instead of a bus, and I’m not sure if we will actually be singing.”

As the form of transportation shifts to the aerial route, students will need more time to raise money so they can attend the trip. In order to help students raise as much of their money as possible, group fundraisers have been arranged to collect funds.

“Mrs. Ives provided us with lots of fundraising opportunities; last year we did a car wash and we hosted a glow in the dark bike ride before school even started,” junior Tabitha Buffalo said. “Some kids are able to fundraise almost the entire payment throughout the year.”

The total length of the trip will be six days according to Buffalo. With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted more and more each day, students are allowing their excitement to begin to build. Looking forward to a long distance trip seemed like an impossible dream for many a couple months ago. Despite not having the opportunity to go on the trip with the choir from last year, Buffalo still plans to enjoy her time on the vacation.

“We all were very sad last year when we heard the Disney trip was cancelled since we had worked so hard the entire year,” Buffalo said. “So we are very grateful that we get a second chance to go even if it’s not with the original choir.” 

However, as the rest of his classmates continue to let their excitement for the trip build, Garber is doing everything he can to remain calm. Garber says that he has recently been doing everything he can to emotionally prepare himself for the worst, but still remains ready to let all of his emotions go once he is on his way to Disney.

“Yes we are excited,” Garber said. “Personally I won’t be excited till we board the plane just so I don’t get my hopes up.”