2021 Summer Trends


Mateya McCord, Reporter

There are several new trends on the way as the summer season of 2021 begins. A couple of trends predicted for the summer are pastel colors, tie-dye, sun dresses, sun hats and cropped t-shirts. Many students disagree over which trends are best where others are unconcerned. 

Freshman Brooklynn Black regularly visits several popular stores around Wichita and online, she enjoys purchasing tie-dye, pastel outfits and sun hats throughout the season. Black participates in these trends almost every summer.

“A few places I like to shop for trendy outfits are Shein, Target, Et Cetera Shop, Forever 21 and H&M. My overall favorite summer trends are tie-dye, pastel colors and sun hats. I love participating in trends because it makes summer more fun when my friends and I can participate in trends together,” Black said. 

Stores are continuously receiving new clothing, accessories and other items. Students often think Shein is able to keep on top of the newest fashion trends. According to the Shein website, the company aspires to provide attractive, high-quality items at affordable costs to every user on the planet. Freshman Ava Claassen has mixed feelings about Shein.

“I enjoy buying from Shein because it is easy to use and very cheap. I despise the fact that they employ children,” Claassen said. 

The vsco girl style is another trend that students enjoy participating in each summer season. Last summer “vsco girl” was a big hit in particular. A few example items for a vsco girl according to Argus Leader are scrunchies, high buns, Birkenstocks and puka shell necklaces.. In addition, both men and women mention that they like wearing cropped shirts in the summer.

“I enjoy wearing trendy clothes and cropped clothes during the summer since it gets extremely hot. I usually participate in trends and summer trends are my favorite ones to participate in. I also just really like to get involved,” Claassen said. 

According to a school-wide survey, 65% of NHS students like to get involved with the summer trends. Freshman Landon Lunsford, however, does not enjoy participating in trends because he claims they are just not for him.

“In the summer I mainly just wear a basic t-shirt and shorts, it is just a comfortable outfit to be in or to wear on the go. Some trends that annoy me are the tiktok trends in general, and I just mainly wear standard baggy clothes. I don’t follow trends because I don’t feel like I’m cut out for them,” Lunsford said. 

Over 50% of students voted in a school-wide survey that they will wear mini skirts in the summer. The lowest trend students voted for was brightly colored bags with a percentage of 25%. Claassen says that she will most likely wear bright colored bags even if they are not too trendy. 

“Even If most people aren’t wearing bright bags, I will most likely purchase one or two because they are super cute and unique. I wear what I like,” Claassen said.

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