Koontz elected student body president


Mateya McCord, Reporter

On Apr. 23 junior Caleb Koontz was announced StuCo president for the upcoming school year, 2021-2022. These results came after weeks of social media campaigning, networking and recording speeches that were viewed by the entire student body during seminar. Koontz has been a member of StuCo since his junior year, and hopes to see NHS grow even more. 

Since he was active in several activities during his high school career, Koontz decided to run for President with the leading campaign argument of inclusion and visibility of all activities. He also believes that the NHS curriculum has changed in numerous ways over the years, and he intends to keep this momentum going. 

“I chose to run for President because I have been a part of many activities at the high school,” Koontz said. “With the experience I have, I felt like I’d be a great candidate advocating for greater schoolwide involvement and improvement. I feel like our school has been improving in terms of the types of students this high school produces so I plan to continue this trend in any way that I can. We’re going to continue upping NHS.”

During election week, Koontz says he distributed bouncy balls, posted on his Snapchat story and gave a video speech, which he claims was a good strategy in comparison to his opponents.

“The experience of being such a leader such as a President will surely help me excel in future job settings,” Koontz said. “To get my name around, I handed out bouncy balls the week of elections, posted on my Snapchat story, and made a video speech. I’d say this was a successful campaign strategy.”

According to the student body, numerous NHS students say that they have found difficulty participating in class events. According to Koontz, he plans to influence events in order to persuade students to become more interested in school activities.

“I’m going to support NHS by staying as involved as I can,” Koontz said. “In doing this I hope that I can influence events enough to convince other students to become more involved in school activities as well. As of now I am unsure of the level of influence I’ll have on changing certain things at NHS but I’ll be sure to do whatever I can to make high school a better experience for everyone.” 

Koontz claims that the success of one of his closest friends motivated him to run for StuCo president. When asked if he had any friends going against him in the run for president, Koontz said that junior Clayton Kaufman would have made a fantastic student body president as well.

“Both Eli Redington and Eli Blaufuss are good friends of mine so the idea of being their successor inspired me to run,” Koontz said. “My only competition was Clayton Kaufman and I think he would’ve also been a valid president so I’d say the competition was high.”

Overall Koontz is most eager to see what he can do to improve the school so that everybody can have a better high school experience. Koontz wants everyone to enjoy school and have fun while getting work done.

“I’m most excited to see what all I can do to make this school better in order for everyone to have a more enjoyable high school experience,” Koontz said.