NHS parking lot causes concern


Daniel Gonzalez-Arevalo, Reporter

High school is a place where many students with differing opinions are able to come together and study under the same roof. For example, some students may believe that school is easy to keep up with and get work done. However, another group of students may believe that school is hard and unbearable. The whole topic of school is chaotic for many who attend it, something that many students may consider just as chaotic is the school parking lot. 

While coming to school for many is troublesome enough, many students forget about having to come earlier in the morning in order to find a desired parking spot. For some students it may be an easy process in the morning, after school many find the parking lot difficult to escape.

“Personally I think our parking lot has a lot of space compared to the average parking spots at the store or mall,” junior Kayla Wong said. “But it is very crowded after school when everyone is trying to leave.”

Despite the struggle of getting out of the parking lot right after school, there are some who do not complain about the conditions. Students who participate in after school activities such as sports often do not leave the parking lot at the same time as others. Junior Ethan Sympson acknowledges that while other students have trouble leaving, he does not due to his participation in track and field.

“It isn’t bad when I leave the school because I have track practice,” Sympson said. “But I have heard it is bad when leaving after school.”

Students have to wait their turn in order to exit the parking lot at the end of the day, some students may notice odd sights as they wait. Wong claims she has seen an animal head as she was exiting the parking lot one day. 

“I was behind a truck and saw a guy wearing a tiger head in the back of the truck,” Wong said. “But I thought it was pretty cool and would like to do that sometime.”

Sympson does not immediately leave the parking lot after school, however, he claims he has still seen some interesting sights. Specifically the way many people drive as they leave the parking lot.

“The weirdest thing I have seen is students driving through the trees,” Sympson said. “Even though it’s strange it’s kinda smart too.”

Despite the odd sights students witness they continue to acknowledge the danger of the after school situation. 

“The parking lot is dangerous,” Wong said. “With students rushing out of class into the parking lot plus students speeding out in order to get home or to practice, I would say it’s not the safest combination.”

Despite the danger of the lot conditions, Wong believes that there are ways to improve the situation which include changing the parking lot layout. 

Slanted parking spots would force students to enter one way and go out the same way,” Wong said. “Also not to mention that many students are not A+ students at parking and slanted parking spots would make it easier on students to park between the lines.”