2021 Spring Trends


Mateya McCord, Reporter

With the upcoming season of spring 2021 fast approaching, there are many new trends on the horizon. Students often debate over these trends, and what others wear. Some students just do not care at all, but others welcome the trends with open arms. Since it is warm outside during spring, people have the opportunity to accessorize more and not just wear long sleeves, sweatshirts and long pants. 

Numerous students like to express themselves through fashion and outfits here at NHS. According to a school-wide survey, the most popular trends this spring are pastel colors, straight fit jeans, statement tops, sweater vests, biker shorts and chunky shoes. Senior Victoria Torres-Dunnahoo has already begun participating in a few of these trends.

“In spring 2021, I’ll probably wear midi skirts, cropped sweater vests, floral dresses, light wash denim, big over the shoulder tote bags, brown shades of clothes, or anything that looks like it’s from the 2000’s,” Torres-Dunnahoo said. 

Thrifting clothes became a popular trend throughout high school students last spring and continues to be a popular way to pass the time. Torres-Dunnahoo says she enjoys thrifting and shopping at many places for a 2000’s look. 

I love to go thrifting, so [stores like] Goodwill are great,” Torres-Dunnahoo said. “You can find pretty much anything there. Walmart has really cool pants too for super cheap as well as Target & TJ Maxx. Sometimes Ross has hidden gems and I also like Zoomies for graphic tees.” 

In a school-wide survey, approximately 58% of students voted that pastel colors will be the most popular trend in spring 2021. Torres-Dunnahoo says she chooses to express herself with her outfits by what she feels cute and confident in. She also feels that her mood normally matches her outfits.

I usually just wear whatever makes me feel cute! Like my mood matches my fit,” Torres-Dunnahoo said.