10 COVID safe ideas for Valentine’s Day


Matt Olson, Reporter

1. Watch movies inside

Watching movies together, whether they are romantic or not, can be a good way to spend quality time with your significant other, friend, or even by yourself. It is a good way to lay back and relax, while still spending time with someone important to you. 

2. Make a romantic homemade dinner

Instead of dining in a restaurant this year, try cooking for your significant other at home! It can be much more meaningful when you put effort into making something nice, rather than spending tons of money. Light some candles to set the mood and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal together. 

3. Order take-out

If cooking is not your area of expertise, ordering take-out or delivery is always an option. Contactless food delivery is a great alternative to eating in a restaurant. Who says it can’t be romantic to order in? Almost all of the local restaurants offer carry-out options, so why not take advantage of it and stay safe!

4. Bake together

What better way to spend Valentine’s day than baking with your significant other? Instead of going out to a bakery, spend the day making your own sweets with your partner! This is a good way to spend quality time with your special person while also celebrating with treats. Cookies, bread, cakes, cupcakes, the list is endless!

5. Exchange gifts

Valentine’s day does not have to be a day full of elaborate plans. Keep it simple and just exchange gifts with one another. If you do not feel like making a whole day out of the holiday, who says you have to? There is nothing wrong with not having plans. 

6. Write your significant other a love letter

Small romantic gestures can go a long way. Write your significant other a letter to show how much they mean to you! Decorate it with pretty designs and pictures and deliver it to them on Valentine’s day. Sometimes writing out how you feel comes more naturally than trying to say it face to face. 

7. Have a romantic picnic (inside or outside)

As you may have seen on Tik Tok and other forms of social media, picnics are becoming more popular. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to prepare a romantic picnic! If the weather permits, find a nice park to sit at. If it is too cold, an indoor picnic can be just as fun! Buy your favorite snacks and drinks and enjoy the day. 

8. Play games

Another fun way to bond with each other is playing games! Let your competitive side out and play some board games, card games, computer games, whatever you want! Games are a great way to spend time together while socially distancing. 

9. Valentine’s day zoom call 

If you are not able to be with your partner in person, a zoom call can make you feel closer to them. Just because you are not together does not mean Valentine’s day has to be any less special. Play games and try to celebrate in a more non-traditional way. 

10. Valentine’s day crafts

Use your creativity by making cute Valentines and other crafts! Homemade gifts tend to have more meaning than store bought ones. Sometimes it is the thought that counts. Not only do you get to make your person feel special, you also get to spend some quality time with them while doing it.