Students share excitement for Freddy’s location

Ava Olson, Reporter

Rumors of a Freddy’s Frozen Custard opening in Newton have been spiraling since at least four years ago. In October 2016, The Kansan reported that someday we would receive a Freddy’s. To many people’s delight, that day has come. Confirmed on Freddy’s official website, a new location will be opening in Newton sometime in the near future.

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The popular chain restaurant is most well known for its frozen custard and steakburgers. Freddy’s will be one of few fast food restaurants in town that has a vegetarian meal on its menu. They offer a veggie burger whose patty is made mostly of black beans. Many restaurants in town serve ice cream, but Freddy’s will be the first in Newton to offer frozen custard. According to thekitchn, there are two main differences between ice cream and frozen custard. Ice cream is primarily made of milk and/or cream, while frozen custard is primarily made of milk/cream and egg yolks. There is also a difference in how the two are made. Ice cream has air churned into the mixture making the texture lighter, while frozen custard does not, making it denser, with a more similar texture to frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream. Offering these alternative food options could separate Freddy’s from similar food chains in town.

“I think [Freddy’s] will do well because it caters to everything and we haven’t gotten a new fast food place in a while,” sophomore Lindsey Warsnak said.

Many of the current fast food restaurants in Newton sell burgers, as well as other food items. By offering a vegetarian burger and frozen custard, Freddy’s will have options that set it apart from its competition in town, who do not currently sell those items. Some students believe Freddy’s could pose a threat to the existing burger joints in Newton and may even result in the closing of another restaurant that serves similar items. If Freddy’s becomes as popular throughout the town as it is throughout the high school, it may take away significant business from the other restaurants in Newton. 

“I think other burger places such as Gurty’s will struggle with the introduction of Freddy’s,” senior Benjamin Gering said.

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Students at NHS have given Freddy’s an overwhelmingly positive response. 99.1% of students polled said that they enjoy Freddy’s. The business was started in Wichita, KS, named after one of its creators, Freddy Simon. According to Forbes, Simon and three business partners originally planned on opening a single restaurant. However, due to its popularity among customers, the business was able to expand and has continued to grow to the well known franchise it is today. Freddy’s success in the past and positive reception in the high school points to the new location likely prospering in Newton.

“I think Freddy’s will do very well,” Gering said. “The city has been wanting one for a long time and its location will allow it to pull traffic from the interstate. I also think it will be one of the better fast food places on that end of town.”