5 COVID safe ways to hang out with friends


Matt Olson, Reporter

1. Campfires

With the weather getting colder, it is getting more difficult to find ways to socialize outside without nearly freezing to death. If you or a friend of yours has a fire pit, having a campfire would be a good way to have fun and still stay warm. 



2. Outdoor games

Playing games or doing activities outside will give you more space and more inspiration. Whether you are playing a board game or painting a picture, being outdoors can make it easier for you and your friends to spread out and still have fun. 



3. Host holiday activities outdoors instead of indoors

Even though the holidays look different this year, that does not mean you cannot continue your holiday traditions of secret santa or movie nights with your friends. Just host them outside instead! It has been proven by the CDC that there is a lower risk of transmitting COVID-19 in outdoor settings, which makes hosting events outside the best option for hanging out with friends. Bring a blanket to the park to host your secret santa, or set up a projector in your backyard to watch movies! 


4. Picnics

Having picnics is becoming a trend once again, as seen on TikTok and other social media sites. Picnics are a safe way to enjoy a meal with your friends while staying socially distanced. Finding a nice park nearby, or even traveling somewhere outside of town with pretty scenery for a picnic can make for a nice way to spend time with friends or significant others. 


5. Nature walks

When was the last time you went outside just to enjoy nature? There are lots of interesting things you can find on a nature walk, and it can be a nice way to clear your head and spend quality time with people you care about.