Binge watch your way through the holidays


Daniel Gonzalez-Arevalo, Reporter

The holiday season is rapidly approaching people around the world. In the United States this means Christmas trees, Mariah Carey singing about the occasion, counting down the minutes to New Years and of course time off from school and work. 

However, with so many days off during winter break it can be hard to stay busy at all times. With all this free time available many people will begin to turn to their streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Nevertheless, it can be hard to figure out what you want to watch with so many options.

With all of the shows and movies available to the public through online streaming services, people will have different opinions on what is the best thing to watch. For senior Jason Catache, nature documentaries are what interest him the most.

I just watch nature documentaries when I get bored,” Catache said. “It’s the best in my opinion because it gives you a glimpse of a completely different world somewhere on the planet.”

On the other hand, if nature isn’t your interest perhaps a reality sitcom might be more of your style. For junior Jennifer Rubio, the sitcom “Friends” is her go to show. With 10 seasons, and around 230 episodes, the show seems like the perfect option for hours of bingeing.

“They are the perfect group of friends because they are all so different but fit together so well which makes it a great comedy and drama,” Rubio said. “It’s overall really funny and I love that but it also deals with issues that most young adults in real life deal with so it just makes it better and more understanding.”

To contrast, Catache believes that more viewers should tune in to nature documentaries because it is a different experience when compared to everything else. He also believes that the narrator’s voice can be very relaxing to listen to.

“I really like how relaxed most [nature documentaries] are, and the narrators,” Catache said. “I think others should watch them just to see something different, nature docs are cool.”

Rubio however still enjoys the rollercoaster of emotions that sitcoms like “Friends” put her through. She also enjoys other shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Party of Five” due to the amount of episodes they have and the types of themes and messages they convey.

“It’s never boring and you either laugh, cry, or get mad at one of the characters in every episode so it’s the perfect combination,” Rubio said. “It’s more funny than sad which I know a lot of people prefer.”

Whatever you may prefer, there are still a great number of shows available on online streaming services. Whether you prefer Netflix with new shows such as “Grand Army” or comedy specials from Dave Chappelle or Kevin Hart. Or Hulu which offers a variety of shows as well, ranging from different types of anime movies to even classic TV shows such as “Drake and Josh.” No matter what your mood is, you can find a show to fit it, even if it’s a cartoon from your childhood.

“I watch old cartoons on Boomerang like Popeye or Power Puff Girls,” Catache said. “Old cartoons and the art style that’s used has always been attractive to me for whatever reason.”