Seniors discuss factors of their college decision


Libby Crawford, Reporter

For some students, senior year is the year where you are expected to know what you are going to do with your life after you graduate. Many students go to college or join the military while others decide to enter the workforce. There can be different expectations and factors for each decision. When choosing a college there are several deciding factors such as distance from home, price, majors provided and athletic program. 

Student’s needs and wants for college vary from person to person. Seniors Lindsey Antonowich, Karly Moore and Braiden Botterweck are each at different stages of the college decision process. 

Antonowich explains that her major needs in a college is for the college to have her major and academics that she is wanting. There are fears that go along with choosing a college, in Antonowich’s case this is choosing a school where she can get her degree but also make sure she will not be in debt for the majority of her life. 

“I chose to commit to K-State because I loved it there and it was the perfect fit for me,” Antonowich said. 

When going to college most seniors dream of being on their own and being able to move out once they graduate. In Moore’s case she wanted to be close enough to home to be able to live there while attending college. Moore also wanted to be on a smaller campus and know where everything was. 

“I decided on Bethel because it was everything I wanted,” Moore said. “I would be able to live at home and I’ve been thinking about going there for about five years.”

Botterweck’s big deciding factor is sports, how much playing time he will have and if he would be able to play. While there are other factors that are considered such as price, distance from home and the culture of the school, Botterweck sees sports as his main deciding factor. 

“I have not chosen a school as of now but I am looking for a school that checks all of my [boxes for] a school,” Botterweck said. 

From each experience of these three seniors, their application process and search for schools has gone smoothly. Counselors have been there to help along the way and assist when needed. Moore said that she felt joy and excitement when she was sent an acceptance letter. 

“I was ecstatic about getting accepted, actually I got accepted into all the schools I applied to, but when I confirmed the acceptance letter from Bethel it all became real,” Moore said.