Adams starts photography business


Olivia Adams

Senior Lindsey Antonowich poses for junior Olivia Adams during a summer photo shoot.

Libby Crawford, Reporter

Finding a hidden talent and creating a business out of it may not be something that is possible for everyone. Junior Olivia Adams found her passion for photography by taking a simple journalism class and being a part of the yearbook staff. 

Starting by doing a photo shoot with junior Jennifer Rubio, Adams continued to learn more about how to use all of the settings on a camera and how to successfully take portraits. Now, Adams has taken photos for more than 20 different people, whether that be senior portraits or just your typical photo shoot. 

Olivia Adams

“Besides the basics I learned from journalism and the yearbook, I tried to teach myself,” Adams said. “I always sign up to take pictures at games and events to get practice and I follow multiple photographers on social media to stay up to date with filter trends and new ideas.” 

Adams describes herself as a people person therefore she enjoys being around her clients and making them feel comfortable to get their pictures taken by her. There are a lot of concepts that go into the business, such as editing and scheduling shoots which take up the majority of Adams’ weekend and days off. 

“Some [clients] are shyer than others so I just have to work a little harder in opening them up so their photos capture genuine emotions and excitement,” Adams said. “Being a 16 years old also comes with some difficulties because I can’t devote 100% of my time towards photography and booking times since I have school and other obligations at home.”

This past summer Adams started taking senior photos for the 2021 seniors. Seniors Lindsey Antonowich, Asha Reiger, Marah Zenner, Luke Schmidt and Griffin Davis were some of the many senior photoshoots Adams has done. Adams charges anywhere from $75- $110 depending on the amount of locations and hours the photoshoot took. 

“[I knew I wanted Olivia to take my senior photos because] when we started running track together she said she would take them for me and we had done other photoshoots together and I like her pictures a lot,” Antonowich said. “We were friends before so I liked how I knew the photographer so I would be more comfortable to do poses.” 

Olivia Adams

Along with Adams skill with the camera her creativity helps create original photos that her clients love. Editorial photos are Adams favorite type of photos to take because she gets a chance to use her creativity in real life. Editorial photography is the idea of telling a story through pictures rather than text.

“I love her creativity. She always has such good ideas on how I should pose or backgrounds we should shoot at,” Antonowich said. 

Photography has quickly made its way into Adams lifestyle to where she plans on continuing the business into the future. With other plans still forming, photography may end up being a side job along with Adams main future career. 

“I would love to pursue photography as a career. I’ve always been interested in cosmetology as well so I definitely want to find a way to incorporate both in my future,” Adams said.