Homecoming fashion dominates the decades


Libby Crawford, Reporter

Due to COVID-19 being such a “buzzkill”, STUCO created a spirit week to raise the excitement for this “groovy” homecoming. Students dressed up to the theme, which was decades, starting in the 60’s on Monday, 70’s Tuesday, 80’s Wednesday, 90’s Thursday and retro Railer Friday. 

  1. Juniors Tabitha Buffalo and Linda Shine pose in their matching 70’s themed outfits. Shine and Buffalo reused old dance costumes for their outfit. Photo by Olivia Adams.
  2. Business department celebrates in their 60’s themed attire. The department dressed up as the characters from the classic movie the “Sandlot”. Photo Courtesy.
  3. Posing with peace signs for the camera, counselors Jana Crittenden, Kelsey Flickner and Ivy Ray show spirit on 70’s day. They dressed in floral designs to imitate the 70’s fashion. Photo Courtesy. 
  4. Excited for the day, seniors Evelyn Bartley and Alaycea Kremeier show off their 90’s outfits. For 90’s day, it was recommended to dress in all denim or to do your best to recreate the style. Photo Courtesy. 
  5. Thumbs up for tie dye, 60’s day it was recommended to wear tie dye. Senior Katie Hatch, junior Madelyn Hamm and sophomore Camryn Entz show off their tie dye to the camera. Photo by Jamilid Romero. 
  6. Business department wins again, the department dresses up for 70’s day by imitating That 70’s Show. Along with the counseling department they dressed up everyday which caused for a real competition. Photo Courtesy. 
  7. Seniors Alyssa Lujano and Karly Moore painted Railer themed jeans in order to show their Railer pride on the last day of spirit week. Moore and Lujano accompany their jeans with cheerleading jerseys to go along with the Railer pride theme. Photo Courtesy. 
  8. In her 80’s workout gear, junior Katie McMullin strikes a pose showing off her outfit. The 80’s day recommended style was workout or neon clothing. Photo by Kati Blaylock. 
  9. Counseling department dresses in their 90’s attire by wearing all denim. Creating school spirit the department dressed up everyday. Photo Courtesy. 
  10. Painted jeans for the win, senior Madyson Groves shows off her railer gear. Groves was also a candidate of the homecoming court. Photo by Libby Crawford. 
  11. With her gogo boots on, senior Savannah Garcia is dressed to impress. Garcia is dressed in floral to show her school spirit and the 60’s theme. Photo by Olivia Adams.