Student council elects new members


Shelby Spreier

Senior Enyisha Peterson faces the camera while giving her candidate speech on Sept. 15. Candidate speeches were prerecorded in order to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Eris Rindt, Reporter

Student council is facing some changes this year with new presidents, more students joining STUCO and Covid-19. Student council elections occured last week and the elected members were announced september 25th, two days after voting closed. 

Senior class president, Alondra Valle, felt that the election process was drastically different from previous years. Valle says that she recorded her speech multiple  times before picking her best take to show  the senior class. 

“This year the election process was different than in past years. We didn’t give a speech in-person in front of our class like we always do, instead we pre-recorded them so they could be watched during seminar,” Valle said. “I kept messing up so I had to record my speech like four times but even then I stuttered like five times in the final video, but I decided to go with it because it just makes it look more realistic. I’d say my speech took me like a day to make, but I kept changing things here and there after.”

Freshman class president, Brooklyn Black talked about her inspiration for joining student council and the ways she would like to change things going into her freshman year in her speech to the freshman class. One of Black’s goals is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone feels included. Black wants every student to have an amazing high school experience this year and in years to come. 

“Some of the changes that I am wanting to make is to make sure that everyone is included. I want everyone to have the chance to go to at least one event that is held by the high school, or for at least every student to be in the event held,” Black said. “My goal is to make sure that everyone is being safe, respectful, and making their first year of high school full of amazing memories.”

In student council, each elected official is assigned a specific job. Sophomore class president, Nick Treaster’s job is to make sure people have their concerns heard. Treaster was motivated to join student council because of his family as well as to help students feel more represented throughout the school year and in school events. 

“Being in STUCO, I hope to be able to execute my role as a representative for my class so I can address any problems or ideas to the rest of student council members,” Treaster said. “Ever since I was in middle school, I knew I wanted to be involved in STUCO and was always encouraged by my siblings who were also on the student council to join too. So when I found out that I won the presidency spot this year I was super excited to help represent all the kids in my grade.”

Junior class president, Jennifer Rubio has been doing STUCO for four years and is happy to continue again this year. Rubio is hoping to make students more excited for events planned by STUCO. Rubio has experienced many different leadership roles like church events. Rubio is excited to help students be excited and comfortable. 

“I’ve been in student council since eighth grade and of course it was a little different once we got to high school, but I just like helping people and I’ve always loved trying to make things fun,” Rubio said. “Being a leader doesn’t alway mean you have to be given the title, you can be a leader without it and still do the work and encourage other people and make them feel comfortable.”