Principal Smith taste tests local coffee shops

Ann Pomeroy, Newtonian Editor-in-Chief

Coffee shops can be places of entertainment, community and friendship. Newton is lucky to be home to three coffee shops, Norms, Mojos and 12 Brew. Each shop creatively contributes to the small town feel of Newton. We asked NHS principal Caleb Smith to blindly taste test different beverages from each coffee shop and give a short review and rating in order to settle the debate on which shop is best.

Ultimately, the type of drink from each shop was kept constant. Each beverage that Smith tested was a Mocha. Mocha’s are mainly made with three ingredients, expresso, steamed milk and chocolate sauce. The drinks were transferred into generic coffee containers and labeled with sticky notes in order to prevent any bias. 

Smith had previously tasted beverages from Mojo’s on the Bethel College campus and predicted that he might prefer the coffee of Norms. In the end, although Smith enjoyed all of the beverages, the Mocha from 12 Brew was Smith’s favorite.