Students express their individuality through shoes

Elly Green, Reporter

Students often debate how to present themselves for school each day. Their shoes play a large role in how they express themselves whether they go for something casual like a tennis shoe or a bold lace up boot. 

Some shoe trends change by the year or even by the month while other styles are considered timeless. An example are the Nike Air Force One’s, which were released back in 1986 and have since been modified several times to give us the Nike Air Force One we all know and love today.

In a survey filled out by 133 Newton High students, 51.1% of students said they owned Nike Air Force Ones and in a close second, 37.6% of students said that they owned Converse also known as Chuck Taylors. The shoe with the lowest percentage owned are the newly popular Mary Jane Creepers, which are a dress style platform shoe that is popular amongst teens that dress in an alternative aesthetic. 

With almost no dress code restrictions, students are able to express their personal style through their shoes. Some students even use their shoes as a canvas, drawing or painting on their shoes to show creativity. No matter what style of clothes you choose to wear, your choice in shoes can be an outlet for your individuality.